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1. What makes WiredPay different from other payment processors?

Customer service and ease of use. Our priorities upon launching this site were first and foremost to offer a first class service to all of our customers, and secondly to make this site easy for anyone to use. We aim to be the number one payment processor within our target market.

2. How do I protect my account from being accessed by unauthorized users?

1. Create unique passwords 2. Never give out your passwords 3. Always access WiredPay with a trusted computer, with an updated anti-virus software installed. 4. Never click on a link in an email, even if it came from your friend. 5. Send us an email if you suspect a fake email or a fake web site.

3. Am I allowed to have multiple WiredPay accounts?

Yes. You may open as many WiredPay account as you wish as long as each account has its own unique e-mail address.

4. Now that I opened my WiredPay account, how do I put funds?

You may receive payments to your account from other users or you may fund your account using the services of our global network of exchange providers that would be happy to exchange your national currency WiredPay.

5. I have not received my verification e-mail or any other e-mail from WiredPay as expected. What can I do?

Please check your SPAM/Junk e-mail folders. If the e-mail was there - please add no-reply@wiredpay.com and support@wiredpay.com e-mail addresses to your white list or address book in your e-mail software. This way all future e-mails from WiredPay will not get filtered out. IMPORTANT! WiredPay support staff does not click on any links in e-mails. If you are using SpamArrest or any other spam blocking software that sends out validation links - we will not be able to click on them and you may not receive your expected response from us.

6. I have sent an e-mail with question and it has not been answered. Should I send another e-mail?

WiredPay support staff replies to every e-mail they receive. Please note that if you will send multiple messages our e-mail system may mark your e-mail as spam and will move it from queue of e-mails to be answered. It normally takes between 1 and 12 hours for us to reply to your e-mail depending on the issue that is being addresses. Please be patient.

7. The company lists your logo or announces that they are working with WiredPay. Can this be verified in any way?

Any such claim is FALSE. Please note that WiredPay is owned and operated independently of any other business or company. If you have any questions about performance of a certain company or about any products and services that they offer - you need to contact that company directly. The mere fact that a vendor chooses to accept WiredPay on his web site as a form of payment does not add legitimacy or credibility to any business entity.