Answers to questions

The section contains answers to the most popular questions about the platform WiredPay company.

General questions

Theoretical and legal aspects of WiredPay

What does WiredPay Company do?

WiredPay Company is an international payment platform. We have brought together a team of professionals who are engaged in the development and implementation of high-performance payment solutions. As part of this activity, the company cooperates with private investors under the conditions described on this Internet resource.

What makes WiredPay different from others?

Customer service and ease of use. Our priorities upon launching this site were first and foremost to offer a first class service to all of our customers, and secondly to make this site easy for anyone to use. We aim to be the number one payment platform within our target market.

Who can become a member or partner of WiredPay Company?

Any legally capable adult person can become an personal partner and investor of the company.

Does investing in WiredPay carry any risks?

Any type of funds, including a bank deposit, carries certain risks, the level of which depends on many factors. But we can safely say that WiredPay Company is one of the most reliable and secure payment solutions on the market.

How to start cooperation with the company?

To do this, you should examine the user agreement and register account.

Is it possible to create multiple accounts by one person??

Yes. One person can create as many WiredPay accounts as long each account has its own unique e-mail address.

How to restore access in case of login data loss?

Yes, you can do this in two ways:

1. If you have access to your personal account, you can change the password in the section “Settings”;

2. If you lost access to your personal account, you can change the password by using the Password recovery form

Is it possible to change the e-mail attached to my account?

At this time no, the e-mail is entered once during registration and cannot be changed.

How do I protect my account from being accessed by unauthorized users?

Create unique passwords. Never give out your passwords. Always access WiredPay with a trusted computer, with an updated anti-virus software installed. Never click on a link in an email, even if it came from your friend.

I have not received my verification e-mail or any other e-mail from WiredPay as expected. What can I do?

Please check your SPAM/Junk e-mail folders. If the e-mail was there - please add [email protected] and [email protected] e-mail addresses to your white list or address book in your e-mail software. This way all future e-mails from WiredPay will not get filtered out. IMPORTANT! WiredPay support staff does not click on any links in e-mails. If you are using SpamArrest or any other spam blocking software that sends out validation links - we will not be able to click on them and you may not receive your expected response from us.

I have creat a support ticket with question and it has not been answered. Should I creat another?

WiredPay support staff replies to every ticket they receive. Please note that if you will send multiple messages our support system may mark your ticket as spam and will move it from queue of tickets to be answered. It normally takes between 1 and 12 hours for us to reply to your ticket depending on the issue that is being addresses. Please be patient.

The company lists your logo or announces that they are working with WiredPay. Can this be verified in any way?

Any such claim is FALSE. Please note that WiredPay is owned and operated independently of any other business or company. If you have any questions about performance of a certain company or about any products and services that they offer - you need to contact that company directly. The mere fact that a vendor chooses to accept WiredPay on his web site as a form of payment does not add legitimacy or credibility to any business entity.

Financial questions

Information on the payment platform and the procedure for send payments

How to work in WiredPay?

After registration, you need to enter the personal account at login page. In your personal account, you will have access to all the functionality of WiredPay Company. If you need additional assistance in managing your account, take a look at the instructions section.

I opened my WiredPay account, how do I put funds?

You may receive payments to your account from other users, deposit cryptocurrencies or you may fund your account using the services of our global network of exchange providers that would be happy to exchange your national currency to WiredPay.

What payment systems can be used to deposit funds?

The payment systems Tether, Payeer, Epay, AdvCash, Perfect Money and as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, BNB cryptocurrencies are available for participation.

What does it cost to open an WiredPay account?

Nothing. It is absolutely FREE to open an account with WiredPay.

Does WiredPay offer national currency options?

Not at present. All WiredPay transactions are carried out in US Dollars. This is for ease of use, USD is currently the main national currency on the web. We will be looking at adding other national currency options in the future.

How do I convert Tether, Payeer, Epay, AdvCash, Skrill, Paypal or Webmoney to WiredPay?

Our exchange providers are more than happy to exchange your funds stored in a different payment system and put them in your WiredPay account.

What is an e-currency exchanger?

E-currency exchangers are intermediaries, or third party transfer services, that allow you to transfer funds easily from one e-wallet to another. If you would like to transfer funds or out of your WiredPay account from another e-wallet, you can do so using any of the e-currency exchangers. To know which exchangers are available for the type of transaction youll be performing, simply follow the instructions below: Login with your WiredPay account. Click on the Add Funds button. Select the Exchanger option. Click the link to the exchangers website and to begin setting up your transfer.

How do I work with an Exchanger to fund my account or withdraw funds from WiredPay?

An exchanger is a person or company who, for a fee, exchanges cash, credit cards and a variety of other items (i.e. other digital or electronic currencies) the type of currency requested by an individual or company. Remember that each exchanger listed is an independently owned and operated business. They each have their own sets of policies, procedures, fees and funding methods to meet their market demand. They are also located and serve various jurisdictions in various countries. You should do your own due diligence to determine which exchanger will best fit your needs relating to funding options.

When making a deposit in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron or BNB, is the cryptocurrency converted to US dollars?

Yes cryptocurrency deposits are accrued and paid exclusively in US dollars.

Are there any withdrawal fees?

The company does take 1% deduct additional fees when funds are withdrawn.

How to generate cryptocurrency wallet?

Login with your WiredPay account. Click on the Deposit Wallets button. Select the cryptocurrency wallet that you need. Click the link to generate the wallet.

Affiliate program

Features of the referral program for individual participants and partners of the company

Is there a reward for active participation in the company development?

Yes, we are interested in activity on the part of the users; therefore, we are ready to cooperate with partners on mutually beneficial terms.

The basic referral program provides for receiving 25% profits fees from every payment made by user personally invited by you.

Assigning partner status increases the amount of referral remuneration up to one more 25% of profits fees from every transaction.

How to become a company partner?

Each participant, whose structure has more than 1000 people with a total transactions volume of at least $100,000, automatically becomes a partner of the company. There may be individual conditions for assigning partner status to owners of information sites (websites, large groups in social networks, and topic-specific chat rooms in instant messengers). Also to get status company partner by depositing to your account this amount of equivalent usd. All new accounts with out referal will be yours.

Is a deposit necessary to become a member of the referral program?

An affiliate program participant does not have to make their own deposit. The affiliate program is available to each participant immediately after registration.

How does the system know that I was the one who got the partner into the project?

You will invite participants on a personal referral link. When clicking the link, the participant will get automatically assigned to you.

Where do I find the affiliate link?

The affiliate link, as well as all promotional materials, are located in the affiliate section of your personal account.

Where can I place my affiliate link to attract referrals?

To attract partners, you can use earnings and investment forums, social networks, theme-related chats, and any other informational platforms where you can legally post this information.

Any kind of spam is viewed negatively by Wiredpay company, therefore, it is not recommended to use these method.

How does the accrual and payment of referral bonus occur?

Referral bonus is automatically paid to your payment details immediately after your referral makes a payment transfer.

Is it possible to change the referrer after registration?

No, it is not possible to change the referred after registration